Se faire connaître en images

At a time when literacy can sometimes be defined as one’s ability to decipher the image, Display, Desire and Domination provides an opportunity for the student to interact with imagery as they would with text. As the study of literature often asks us to consider the links between identity and representation, so too does this course, for which the historical and contemporary primary sources are: studio photography, journalistic photography, selfies, comics, journalistic satire, political drawings and social-media posts and archival images. In presenting images related to groups traditionally targeted for their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and class, the course asks students to consider: 1) how image and text, may both oppose and interact with each other 2) the possible violence of the representation of subaltern groups and the ethics of display 3) how identity is affected by the participation of the image’s subject/object in its own image-making 4) the temporal existence of the image 5) the effect of the dissemination of the image and 6) the layers of meaning generated by the reproduction of the image. 

A Note about Course Themes- The required readings and images for this course contain adult themes including: sexual intercourse, homoeroticism, bisexuality, homophobia, interracial desire, violence, rape, transgender identities, body-shaming, passing, racism.