Race et théâtre en France

For too long, the French stages haven’t reflected enough the multiracial society that France has become. What does explain that phenomenon despite a well-intended and celebrated artistic community? And how can France diversify its stages more effectively? The situation is finally evolving, and positive changes have been recorded in recent years. The course will look at the history of the question of race in French theater, take a closer look at controversies and debates that have made the headlines, and study the latest institutional initiatives in drama schools and state-sponsored theaters across the land. It will aim at understanding where the limitations have lied and how progress can be implemented in all spheres of French theater-making.

  • cultural policy
  • “Décolonisons les arts” movement
  • post-colonial studies
  • race in France
  • new voices and tales in French and Francophone theater
  • contemporary French theater
  • festivals and diversity
  • diversity in drama schools
  • current undertakings in dance and on the stages of the Paris Opera
  • representation and inclusion in French cinema

The Avignon Festival will serve as a perfect backdrop for our inquiries. Theater artists directly involved in these questions and present at the Avignon Festival will join us and share their experience creating in and for the present times.