Méditerranée : Migrations et identités

This course plans to examine the social, historical, literary, artistic and cultural present of the Mediterranean through the study of circum-Mediterranean port-cities and their populations. We will examine the way in which the various waves of immigration have shaped the cityscape with Marseille as a case in point and transformed its cultural, literary and artistic creation.

More broadly, students will examine the way the crisscrossing of pathways across the Mediterranean, in between France and its former North African colonies and protectorates defines and circumscribes geographical and literary spaces.

Close readings will deepen the students’ theoretical and practical understanding of the Mediterranean area, the migratory flux that surrounds it and the artistic and cultural forms they generate; encouraging them to determine commonalities and differences in the regions studied.

The corpus studied includes but are not limited to:  Izzo, Mokkedem, Sebbar, Boudjellal, Guillaume, Binebine, Chedid and Maalouf, Allouache.

This course includes attendance to the exhibit “Quartier de La Cayolle” at the Musée d’histoire de Marseille and visit of the Panier district.