Le genre féminin et ses métamorphoses : littérature et cinéma au XXème et XXIème siècle 

This course examines how woman as a gender category emerges and evolves in 20th and 21st-century French literature and cinema. Alternating between classic and experimental modern narratives by woman writers and contemporary films focusing on female subjects, we will explore the formation of a self-conscious female subjectivity as it relates to corporal experiences, discovery and contemplation of sexuality, proximity and distance to familial and social structure, as well as to the decisive role that artistic practices play in opening up the boundaries. By incorporating some theoretical debates on sexual difference, gender/sex, genderless-ness, emphasis will also be given to the construction and the deconstruction of woman as a gendered identity throughout time. Authors include Beauvoir, Sagan, Duras, Ernaux, Bouraoui and Garréta; filmmakers include Winocour, Ozon, Duras, Téchiné, Varda and Sciamma.

Tag words: Women’s studies, gender studies, French studies, Twentieth and Twenty-first century