La Mise en scène de la Justice: Tragédie et Révolte

In this course students will explore the figure of the rebel (especially women), study how justice is staged, and revisit different theories of tragedy. In particular, we will look at rewritings of the myths of Antigone and Medea, and how their stories have been adapted to reflect social, political, and cultural changes in France and the Francophone world, especially on the topics of justice, feminism, and race. Camus’ book, The Rebel, and his rewriting of the Cartesian maxim, “Je me révolte, donc nous sommes” (“I rebel, therefore we are”), will serve as a constant reference point while we examine how acts of rebellion promote solidarity around questions of recognition. We will read, analyze, and discuss literary and cinematic works from Sophocles, Seneca, Euripides, Corneille, Anouilh, Azama, Camus, Pasolini, Deraspe, and des Pallières.