Information et fiction : liaisons dangereuses, liaisons précieuses ?


From the 19th century to the present day, the press has been the place for the production of many media and literary productions of hybrid status, between fiction and information: serial novels inspired by current events, fictionalized facts and reports… Many French writers, including Honoré de Balzac, George Sand, Emile Zola, George Simenon, Marguerite Duras, Emmanuel Carrère, have been journalists and this type of writing has left its mark on their work.

The course will be oriented in two directions:

First, we will think about the status of this “infofiction” in the press.  Can fiction help us to think the news or more broadly the world? What poetic, ethical and political questions does this French practice of hybridization raise?

Then we will consider the importance of these productions in the formation of past and present media and literary cultures: the development of crime novels, the importance of series and the return of contemporary literary production to reality.