Deus ex Machina : Métamorphoses des mythes antiques sur la scène française

Why is theater the most suitable genre to adapt classical mythology? How do major French playwrights from the Renaissance to the 21st century recreate mythological figures such as Œdipus, Antigone, Amphitryon, Iphigenia, and Andromeda? To which extent myths on stage reveal the beliefs, fears, and ways of thinking of a particular time? In this course, we will seek to understand the relationships between classical mythology and theater by examining how ancient myths renewed themselves on stage over time. We will also consider the process of generating new myths for the modern time.

Based on different theoretical approaches, the course focuses on the close analysis and interpretation of both dramatic works and theatrical performances (live and film versions).

Authors include Garnier, Rotrou, Corneille, Racine, Molière, Anouilh, Giraudoux, Azama, and Vinaver.

This course includes attending performances at the Avignon Festival and exploratory work in the archive collections of the Maison Jean Vilar.