Eric Trudel

ERIC TRUDEL (Ph.D. Princeton University) teaches French and comparative literature at Bard College. His research focuses on 20th and 21st century French literature and literary theory. He is the author of La Terreur à l’œuvre. Théorie, poétique et éthique chez Jean Paulhan (St-Denis, PUV, 2007) and articles on a great variety of figures such as Pierre Alferi, Remy de Gourmont, Chris Marker, Georges Perros and Tanguy Viel. He co-edited, with Jan Baetens, an issue of the journal Esprit Créateur “Old and New, Avant-garde and Arrière-garde in Modernist Literature” (53:3, 2013) and a recent installment of the online journal LHT (#16, 2016) entitled “Crises de lisibilité”.